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Philip Vaughan

Philip Vaughan has been based in Ripon for twenty years, he works as freelance photographer, specialising in Weddings & Portraiture. He holds an honours degree in photography and has won several awards from Fuji and Ilford for his dynamic and new approach to portraiture.


“I enjoy the challenge of capturing a person’s character and expression. One of the secrets of good portrait is creating a relaxed atmosphere. This allows people to ‘open up’ for the camera. You have to be willing to share, to be direct and intimate at the same time. It’s about people skills, communicating and achieving a rapport with your subject, whilst remembering we all respond differently to being photographed”.


Whether it’s telling the story of a wedding day or producing a one-off portrait, Philip sees it as a privilege to create timeless images from the spontaneous and significant moments that make up our lives. His aim is for your photographs to become treasured memories.


Although weddings and portraits are where his work is mainly concentrated, Phil has a keen passion for still life and landscape photography, exhibiting and selling his own fine art photography.


Alongside the digital medium, Philip is passionate about using film and continues to process and print black and white images in a wet darkroom. He has printed exhibition images for other photographers, most notably for renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish.


He also spends some time each year working with adults with a learning difficulty in a studio setting. Together they work on projects exploring self awareness, identity and emotions, which is always great fun and rewarding.


There are a number of packages for both weddings and portraiture, offering a wide variety of size of books, albums, photographic prints and canvases to choose from.


He is always very happy to come out and meet you, to show examples of his work and to discuss your own ideas.

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